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El Presidente

If you were a member of the CQFF in February, this will look familiar to you. President 09 Who Is Up For The Challenge!!! Flurb made a slideshow of all our campaign pictures. And the music choice ain’t bad, neither. If you would like the original, full size posters that I made, here they are: […]


The Great Forum War of our time has reached it’s end. Peacefully. After some talking with the staff, they agreed to lift Green Avenger and I’s bans. In return, I apologized for the way I acted towards them. So we’re all cool again. “Alright then… Back to work!” :)

Still Annoyed

Please note: This post is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. I wrote this about an hour after I first learned of the ban, and white-hot. I set it to post at midnight today. After I cooled down several hundred degrees, I pulled the post, and wrote the annotation you are currently reading. Mainly due to […]

Foul Territory

For the first time in my entire life, I have been banned for an online forum. It pains me to say it, but I have, as of today, been banned for one week from the Chex Quest Fan Forums, which has been my online home for the past four years. A quick timeline: 2008 – […]

R.I.P. The “EVIL” Game

Earlier today, The Sliminator, CQFF President and newly-appointed moderator of the CQFF Forum Games section, saw fit to lock The “EVIL” Game, the most wildly popular thread in forum history. (And personally, my favorite forum game. Ever.) For those of you who are not from the CQFF, The Evil Game is a game started by […]

Some Kinda Ghostbusters

On time. Some Kinda Ghostbusters… This is a parody of Ghostbusters, made by my CQFF friend, Atariangamer. Kudos to him and his cousin for awesome vids!

So the first day isn’t totally boring for you…

I’m going to do a shameless plug for the Chex Quest Fan Forums. Although, if you’re reading this on the first day, chances are that you already came from there. In that case, I just provided you with a handy link so that you don’t have to remember the URL. How kind of me.