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Canadian Border Patrol

Canadian Border Patrol It’s a dangerous job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Ignis Solus

Ignis Solus Ignis Solus, Latin for ‘Burn Alone’, is about a Pyro, who is playing on an empty server. And what he does to pass the time. Pyro is my favorite class, and I’m going to be very happy with all the Spies/Snipers running around after the update on Thursday. ^_^

Time Travelers Beware!

Repost from TwentySided. I won’t do a direct copypasta, since you can just read it from the link there. But the basic thing is, if you go back in time, no matter how small an event you change, it will result in drastic differences in the progression of future events. Since I love to overthink […]

Chibi Miku-san

Chibi Miku-san is a webcomic… About ‘Little Miss Miku’. (Note: the large cluster at the top of the page is the comic I’m talking about. The rest is other stuff by the same artist.) All the other Vocaloids are characters in the strip as well. Even fan-made ones. It is a 4koma comic, which basically […]

Love is War

Today, another Vocaloid song. Love is War Love is War is a Miku song. And it’s about a girl who loves a guy, but he doesn’t love her, and loves somebody else instead. And she wants him to notice her. It’s one of those songs that you would call ‘ultra-famous’. And not without reason. It’s […]

This was a Triumph

I’ve officially finished my Flash course in college, and have released my final project. Way back in the middle of the semester, I was already planning for it. It had to be something epic, that could be done within the span of a few months. I figured I would try my hand at lip syncing […]

The Picard Video

The Picard Video Engage. Make it so, Number One.

Free Man

The mighty Squirrelking has published the fourth (and apparently final) chapter of the epic Full Life Consequences series! Halflife Fulllife Consequences: Free Man I couldn’t find an audio recording of the story, so I immediately set out to remedy the situation. And here it is: My recording of FLC4!