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In Which Bill Tosses a Molotov

MIDNIGHT POWER And a Smoker on bass.

The Girl Even the Evil Spirits Fear

Well. I’ve already done Halloween posts for both the Scarlet sisters, so what do we do? Today we have, quite possibly, ZUN’s most evil-sounding song. Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye As usual, lots more after the break:

Iron Man Rises

Iron Man 3 Trailer Iron Man is best superhero.

World of Goo

Kyle Gabler – Best of Times While I was waiting for Dishonored to arrive in the mail, I needed something to keep myself occupied. I saw World of Goo in my Steam list, and decided to play it again for the first time in… goodness knows how long. I had forgotten just how much fun […]

I Like Trains

Younger Brother – Train This is pretty darn good.

The Cliff

The Cliff: TF2 [Live Commentary] Default Pyro Gameplay Yesterday I upgraded to a 3Mbps Internet connection speed. I wonder how that will affect my ability to do stuff and not be killed due to lag.

The Drunken Whaler

COPILOT – The Drunken Whaler This song made me buy the game pretty much single-handedly. It comes out tomorrow. TOMORROW. Goodbye, Internet.

Stop the Rock


Black Mesa

Joel Nielsen – Black Mesa Soundtrack Black Mesa has one of the best game soundtracks to come out in a while. My favorite is “Forget About Freeman”.