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Half-Life in 60 Seconds

Half-Life in 60 Seconds “Blah blah blah Mr. Freeman.” I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

Bonk! Energy Drink

I finished my third Flash animation, an ad for the Bonk! Energy Drink from Team Fortress 2. Order now, and we’ll throw in a second can, absolutely free! Linky, linky. :)

Chex Quest Wazzup

Chex Quest Wazzup If you are at all familiar with my work during the past few years, then you should already have seen CQW. However, this is the first time it’s been put up on YT, so people everywhere can now watch it without fiddling around with a bunch of PWADs. And that’s a good […]


Mathmaticious If you have an aversion to math, singing, nerds, and especially nerds singing about math, this may not be the video for you.


Well, well, well! The long-awaited return of my original column! (Special this week only.) Precocious is about little kids, who posess some degree of intelligence. Actually, I got a little bit of a Calvin and Hobbes vibe reading it. The smart kid part, anyway. There’s no stuffed tigers to be found, alas. For the Lolz… […]

Musical Tesla Coils

Musical Tesla Coils Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy What we have here, is giant Tesla coils making music with giant arcs of electricity. This stuff is just made of awesomeness.

Ievan Polkka – Techno Remix

Loituma TECHNO! You know what’s funny? After I made my Polkka cartoon, my Dad started looking around the Internet, trying to figure out what it was all about, who the people are that sing it, and most importantly, what the heck a leek has to do with anything.