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My PC Is On Fire

My PC Is On Fire What do you get when you cross a funny song with Elephants Dream? Good stuff, that’s what.

Return to Bazoik

Earlier today, I became aware of a new Chex Quest mod project called Chex Quest: Return to Bazoik. The creator, LegoexpertSSF, asked me for help with some FraggleScripting, and I happily obliged. (I like passing my knowledge on to the next-gen modders. :D ) Anyway, so I’m out here to spread the word. Now all […]

Cowboy Bebop

WOOHOOO!! Cowbooooys…Innn….SPAAACE!!! First aired in 1998, Cowboy Bebop is another oldie with high ratings. But this time, I feel the praise is more justly deserved. Set in the year 2071, Cowboy Bebop tells the story of some bounty hunters, (cowboys,) who travel around the Solar System in their ship, the Bebop. There isn’t a lot […]

What Happens When…

…Idiots get behind the wheel? Real Car Crash Seriously, guys. Stay home. It won’t kill you. (But going just might.) Also: Get some chains.

Strawberry Marshmallow

Strawberry Marshmallow is another school life comedy, all about comedic situations rather than an overall storyline. However, instead of high school girls, this time we have elementary school girls. And one college girl. Nobue Ito is the eldest of the group. (By far. She is twenty.) She is Chika’s older sister, but all the girls […]

Ares Rocket Test

Ares Development Motor 1 Test The most powerful rocket ever built was tested last week. Awesome show!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion. NGE. A BIG name in anime. It began airing in 1995, so it is an older show. It went on to win several animation awards, and was highly influential to later animes. NGE is also famous for being a highly controversial show. You either love it, or you hate it. Personally, I […]


WE’VE ENTERED AN ENDLESS RECURSION OF TIME Wareware wa onaji jikan wo, eien to loop shiteru no desu yo. This was kind of a mini-meme on the CQFF. For a day. Then it stopped. Live on, Whaleware! Someday you will return to us! And it will be awesome!


The title ‘K-ON!’ is derived from the Japanese word for light music, keiongaku. The story revolves around four girls who form a light music club upon entering high school. They dream of performing at the Budokan, a very famous concert hall in Tokyo. Yui Hirasawa is a very shy girl, who is not very athletic, […]

In the 80’s