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12/12/12 12:12 …I have nothing else to say.

The Pyro. Meet It.

Meet the Pyro So now we know what goes on behind the mask. A blog post? On a WEDNESDAY? The world has gone mad, I tell you!

I’ll Probably Regret This

Bobby Yarsulik – The Squid But I don’t back down from challenges.

The Chexbolt Wedding

Hi all! I’m Chekovrules, the new Mrs. Xbolt. And since I’m sure you’re all excited about the wedding, here’s a nice video for you. There, look at that! My first post and not a single word about squids! Oh, wait…

Thanks, Buddy!

Thanks, Buddy! My first test of the TF2 replay system.

Best of Pop Music

Rebecca Black – Friday I’ve decided I don’t really like Vocaloid music anymore, and so I’m going to dedicate Friday’s column to the latest and greatest pop music! And what better one to start with, than Rebecca Black’s song about Friday!

The Most Bestest Touhous of All Tiem

Well, why not? I needed one more post in order to fill out the week, and since everyone’s curious, (not that they actually asked) I’ll talk about my favorite Touhou characters. (And post a video of them.) 100+ characters. That’s a heck of a lot for a single game series, is it not? So who […]

Anti-Hempatism, Cooked Beets, and You

Anti-Hempatism, Cooked Beets, and You These guys promote anti-hempatism on the airwaves.

That’s Like a Quarter-Hundred

That’s Like a Quarter-Hundred :D


THE SCOUT IS A ⑨ Obvious joke that basically wrote itself.