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Catnarok Embedding disabled by request This is the first, and only time I break my self-imposed rule of not posting any videos that contain coarse language. Nevertheless, I cannot possibly pass up this video. On June 23, a video called “THE GRIND” appeared on YouTube, and contained footage of a mysterious thing known as “Catageddon”. […]

United States of Hudda Hudda Huh

United States of Hudda Hudda Huh HUDDA HUDDA HUH!

Happy Birthday to Me

As of this minute, I am 20 years old. … Wow. … I’m officially no longer a teenager. … I DON’T WANNA BE OLD! D:

All Your Yeah Are Belong To Us

All Your Yeah Are Belong To Us I didn’t make anything particularly groundbreaking this time… *puts on shades* …just another meme. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Papers Please

Who Took Ze Intel? And you thought the Man of Science was gone, didn’t you? This was made by Super Searcher. I just helped with the timing in a few places.

The 2009 CQFF Video Contest

Is now over. And I won. I was really worried when LAZ Trooper released his video, but mine beat his by just two points. But his was still a great video! But then, there were some who didn’t handle it well… Hitler Finds Out He Lost the CQFF Video Contest Poor guy. He just can’t […]

Merry Christmas!

As a matter of fact, ALL the Vocaloids have something to say: White Christmas This is the first time I’ve seen ALL the Japanese Vocaloids together in one song. That’s all I have to say. Everyone have a very merry Christmas, and I hope Santa gave you lots of good stuff. ;)

Didn’t I Ever Tell You About Balrogs?

Balrogs Bounce! A new video from me? Why, yes. This is based off a joke my dad says.

Idea, ???, PROFIT!

Over lunch today, I was talking with some friends. And we stumbled across something that will eventually change the world: using ZIP compression on matter. Think about it, you can compress computer data in ZIP files, right? So, why not apply those same principles to matter? We just need to invent matter decompilers/recompilers, and we’ll […]

Televised Animation: East vs. West

When most people hear the word “animated cartoon,” images of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Wile E. Coyote come to mind. These cartoons were all created by American studios. Anime, however, is a distinctly Japanese style of cartoon that has become increasingly popular in the United States during the last decade. As a child, Disney’s […]