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Best of WVR #199

I Shortest title ever.



Nuclear Ragtime

東方 [Piano] Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion 『4』 The awesomest version of Nuclear Fusion EVER.

Best of WVR #198

I Time-Slipped when I Chopped a Stag Beetle That has to be the awesomest title ever. Also, needs subs. Badly. One year ago this week, Mozaik Role propelled GUMI to the #1 spot. So even though it popped out of the top 30 this week, I got to hear it in the “This Week […]

Treading Mens

fresh new kicks Real Goomba stomping in TF2. I love it.

Never Ending Night

Hiroki Kikuta – Never Ending Night REMIX An arrange featuring an American vocalist. Neato! Jillian Aversa, aka pixietricks, worked on the TOTALLY AWESOME Dark Side of Phobos Doom remix album. And to suddenly have her appear singing in a Touhou arrange blew my mind.

Best of WVR #197

Only Lonely Room Very nice.

Shooting Stuff

EEAUGH.wmv No equines were seriously injured during the making of this video.

The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes

CROW’SCLAW – Puppetmaster’s Love The entire Frozen Frog album is really, really good.

Best of WVR #196

Labyrinth Gakupo! It’s been a while… Pretty solid week this week. 17 (more than half) of the top songs were new.