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Same Old Consistent Clunker of a Car

WordPress announced yesterday that they were going to drop support for PHP 4 and MySQL 4 early next year. Since my blog was started a while ago, I was using both of these. I’ve upgraded tonight. And it appears to have all gone smoothly, but if you spot any weirdness, please report it!

Something Seems Different

I bet that sets a new record for fastest time inbetween changing hosts for a blog… Anyway, I decided that rather than take the easy way out, and have Blogger save me trouble, I opted for the more geeky option of hosting everything directly on my server. So now you know why it looks different. […]

Wurst Post

This is an official test of Xbolt’s new blog. If you can read this, good for you. Basically, this blog is just going to be me talking about random stuff. (Or making fun of it, either way.) If there are long gaps of time inbetween posts, it is totally not the result of me being […]