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Chibi Miku-san

Chibi Miku-san is a webcomic… About ‘Little Miss Miku’. (Note: the large cluster at the top of the page is the comic I’m talking about. The rest is other stuff by the same artist.) All the other Vocaloids are characters in the strip as well. Even fan-made ones. It is a 4koma comic, which basically […]

True Remembrance

I’m filing this under Webcomix, even though it isn’t technically a webcomic. True Remembrance is a visual novel. Everyone familiar with the term? Yes? …Oh, no? You in the back, you’re shaking your head… Alright. You all know what a novel is, right? It’s “an invented prose narrative that is usually long and complex and […]


Well, well, well! The long-awaited return of my original column! (Special this week only.) Precocious is about little kids, who posess some degree of intelligence. Actually, I got a little bit of a Calvin and Hobbes vibe reading it. The smart kid part, anyway. There’s no stuffed tigers to be found, alas. For the Lolz… […]

Where have all the comics gone…

“Dude, where’s my comics?” Huh. Not only am I horribly late, I seem to have run out of suitable comics for my column here. Fancy that. Oh well, I imagine it was bound to happen sooner or later… So… In lieu of more comics, I’ll post a single strip that may contain some wisdom… Heh.

Quentyn Quinn – Space Ranger!

The last comic from RH Junior. FINALLY. Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger is about a descendant of the other Quentyn Quinn, Questor of Freeman Downs. The Racconans have ventured out into space, and Quentyn is a Space Ranger. Space Rangers are: Brave warriors, explorers, frontier lawmen who push the boundaries of civilization and justice out across […]

Fellowship of Heroes

Another RHJunior comic. Surprise surprise. Fellowship of Heroes is about a guy who suddenly gains superpowers. In a world where the superheroes of old have gone away, and their replacements… Kinda are morons. The old heroes were all about truth, justice, and virtue, and the newbies are liars, cowards, frauds, and hypocrites. So feeling depressed […]

Camp Calomine

Oh look. Another one from RH Junior. Who’d have thought… Camp Calomine is about a camp counselor who works among a bunch of people who don’t know the first thing about real camping. They spend most of their time eating tofu dogs, and teaching about global warming. Eh… But Charles keeps his kids occupied with […]


Whoops, a day late again. Ah well, Merry Christmas! Today’s lineup includes Tallyho, yet another comic by the Tales of the Questor guy. There’s a fox, a basset hound, and an evil, insane kid. The fox loves fried chicken in a bucket, the hound is British, and the evil, insane kid is, well… Evil and […]

Goblin Hollow

Oh hai. Today, we have another comic from the Tales of the Questor guy. Goblin Hollow is a remake of an earlier comic by the same guy, Under the Lemon Tree. (It’s not online, it’s only available in book form.) A new arcade opens in town, and three friends go over to check it out. […]

Irregular Webcomic!

Today, I’m talking about a fairly Big Name in webcomics. Irregular Webcomic! is made using photos of Lego characters, and D&D miniatures. It doesn’t have just one story in it, it has many different themes all going at the same time, and they occasionally overlap. And they’re all funny. No, I can’t figure out how […]