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Best of WVR #216

Tsuki・Kage・Mai・Hana ‘sup, dudes? Did you miss me? Free time has been basically zero in the last month, and what little I did have I didn’t feel like spending on the WVR. I’ll get to the other missing ones eventually. YouTube videos don’t take very long to make a post about. Which is why they […]

Best of WVR #215

Omoide Shavadava More on time than you.

Best of WVR #214

End of the Beginning I’d apologize for being late, but Skyrim. “Skyrim, SkyrimSkyrim Skyrim Skyrim SkyrimSkyrimSkyrim. Skyrim.”

Best of WVR #213

Capriccio Farce I have an excuse for being late. I’m sick.

Best of WVR #212

Dream Crow Shadow Done a full 24 hours before the appointed time. BOOYEAH!

Best of WVR #211

Next Stage I was playing Deus Ex yesterday. So there was no WVR.

Best of WVR #210

The Bird Cage And you thought I wouldn’t make it.

Best of WVR #209

Junk Girl On time. EAT IT, HATERS!

Best of WVR #208

Bad Temper of the Loquat Sprouted on My Brow I wonder if this guy has any problems with stag beetles? Anyway, here’s last week’s. Will this week’s be on time? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Best of WVR #207

1000 Cherry Trees And the other half of the forgotten WVRs. To me, the part starting at 8 seconds up to where the vocals start sounds like Flowering Night. (Sakuya’s theme) Doesn’t it? Mozaik Role came up from somewhere! And a few other older songs, too.