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Lucky Star

Today, I’m going to be starting a new series, wherein I review anime. This may be a short series though, as I haven’t watched all that many. Not as many as I would like, anyway. That said, lets get started. Lucky Star is a ‘slice-of-life’ anime. Meaning, it tells the everyday story of a group […]

Silent Myst

Silent Myst – A Moment, Please! A silent Myst movie. Very random. I love it for that.

Toy Food

Toy Food Like real food, but is toy.

The Eagle Has Landed

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Man stepping for the first time on the Lunar surface. Needless to say, that’s a big event. First Moon Landing 1969 I hope NASA’s Constellation program takes off (pun entirely intended) soon, and we go back to the Moon, and eventually Mars. Because I like Mars. They make good […]


Mine! The battle at the 7 minute mark is one of the most epic battles ever. XD

Because Things Like This Are Funny


Deathnote Fortress

Deathnote Fortress (Light says LOL) Look, a new video from me! This time, I took clips of Death Note, an anime series that I watched recently, and stuck voice clips from Team Fortress 2 on them. It’s funny. “That Yagami is a Spy!”