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Lucky Star

Today, I’m going to be starting a new series, wherein I review anime. This may be a short series though, as I haven’t watched all that many. Not as many as I would like, anyway. That said, lets get started.

Lucky Star is a ‘slice-of-life’ anime. Meaning, it tells the everyday story of a group of ordinary high school girls. No big, dramatic, epic battle for world domination or anything like that. Instead, the girls are gifted with more than your average amount of silliness. So it’s a really lighthearted anime with lots of laughs. And since there’s no overall story for me to talk about, I’ll talk about the four main characters:

Konata Izumi is a geek. She’s a big anime fan, with a mischievous sense of humor. She skips studying in order to play on the computer late into the night, then crams the night before a test. And no, that doesn’t remind me of anyone. At all.

Tsukasa Hiiragi is the younger fraternal twin sister of Kagami. She isn’t good at studying, and relies on her sister for help with homework. Tsukasa is very absent-minded, and a late sleeper. She is very good at cooking, though.

Kagami Hiiragi is an excellent student, and doesn’t approve of her sister’s and Konata’s antics. As such, Konata enjoys irritating her. Nevertheless, they remain good friends, and Kagami is always willing to do favors for Konata.

Miyuki Takara comes from a wealthy family, and is very pretty, smart, and well-mannered. Her classmates often rely on her for help with homework, and she gives long, detailed, encyclopedic definitions or explanations on whatever she and her friends may be discussing. No matter how random or obscure it is.

Each episode ends with a ‘Lucky Channel’ segment, which usually discusses certain characters, events, or whatnot from the main show. Lucky Channel is hosted by Akira Kogami, a seemingly cute hostess that becomes quite angry and rather scary when she gets annoyed, and her assistant, Minoru Shiraishi, who often falls under the terrible wrath of Akira.

But my favorite character has to be Meito Anizawa, the Anime Tenchou. He is the manager of Animate, an anime/manga store in the town. He and his staff are totally devoted to their work, as seen in these clips where they try and sell stuff to Konata:

Legendary Girl A!

If only people in real life were this enthusiastic when selling stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them.

In conclusion, if you’re not looking for a serious show with an ongoing story, but want silly characters in funny situations, you might want to try Lucky Star. You could do worse.

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