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Best of WVR #186

Innocence Yeah, AVTechNO! is pretty much a shoo-in at this point. There was not an inconsiderate number of Miki songs this week. It’s also been a whole year since Coward Mont Blanc was released. Wow. Go on, give it another listen today.

Eternal Flame Dance Has No Rotation

Nayuta – 無炎舞踊≠循環 We have here, the greatest video since Touhou Dogfight. Dogfight was a more straight-up fight, while this one has much more abstract elements. I don’t really know which of the two I’d call the most awesome. Both of them. And Nayuta’s voice certainly doesn’t detract from anything… I’d really love to see […]


Nuclear Fusion Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. So I thought I’d dedicate this post to the one whose job it is to regulate the nuclear reactor in the Underworld. They really could have used her help at the Fukushima plant…

Best of WVR #185

P 名 言 わ れ た か っ た Part of a new meme or something.

Good Enough For Science

Portal 2 comes out today. So I’m posting all the Aperture Science Investment Opportunity videos. Aperture Investment Opportunity #1: “Panels” My favorite of the lot. I just completely lost it at the crusher. Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: “Bot Trust” The pancake is a reference to this video. Aperture Investment Opportunity #3: “Turrets” “I’m different~!” Aperture […]

Everything is Fine

Unknown Sender – Searching. Emergence. Discovery. This whole ARG was nuts. Great music, though. ASYNCHRONOUS EMOTION SIMULATION UNIT And if these aren’t in Portal 2, I will become Sad Panda.

Best of WVR #184

To the West West… Are we going to the Grey Havens? The song from #165 had a surprising resurgence. 24th place last week, 6th this week. People have fallen in love with it again, haven’t they?

Making Friends

Making Friends (In Morrowind) I don’t remember any of this. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve played Morrowind, so I’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff.

A 35 nm Difference

=Neutral= – Blue Eyed Jealousy All other arranges of Parsee’s theme are jealous of this one.

Best of WVR #183

Kagaribito Sippotan still isn’t back. I wonder where he is…