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And here’s the anime I told you about in January! It just finished its run, so now I can talk about it. Fractale is set in the distant future, in what appears to be Ireland. In this future, there is something called the “Fractale System”, which is the backbone for just about everything in your […]


SSF2010 F-A : Francois Vogel, Stretching_1min what


Kelly Bailey – Sector Sweep Kelly Bailey, the composer for the excellent Half-Life soundtrack, has left Valve for reasons unknown. This news made me incredibly sad. Regarding Episode 3, this news can be taken a few ways. One, the game is nearly complete, with the soundtrack done, and so Bailey didn’t need to still […]

Best of WVR #182

Hare Nochi Sakura OHAI! And I lied. Sippotan wasn’t back this week, so Iori did it again.

Best of Pop Music

Rebecca Black – Friday I’ve decided I don’t really like Vocaloid music anymore, and so I’m going to dedicate Friday’s column to the latest and greatest pop music! And what better one to start with, than Rebecca Black’s song about Friday!