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Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki. If you know anything about the Japanese film industry, you almost certainly know the name Hayao Miyazaki. He is widely hailed as one of the greatest animators living today. Spirited Away is his most famous work. Since it was released in 2001, it became not just the highest grossing animated film in Japanese […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 10: Kiyoteru

Well, this is it. There are less than 24 hours left in 2009. Hard to believe, innit? On this day, I’ll give you some Hiyama Kiyoteru tunes. Jewelfish – Interesting. True Education – I wouldn’t mind having him for a teacher. Brilliant Eve – Is that Kaito’s scarf? :O Haijitsu – *pushes glasses up nose […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 9: Yuki

THE CUTENESS HAS REACHED CRITICAL LEVELS. Buaisoyoujo Youjo – See? Shooting Star – Catchy. Summer Experience – Ah, Summer… Purin no Uta – Yummy yummy food! Tsurararairai – Snowman.

Vocaloid in Review – Day 8: Miki

Miki, one of the three newcomers to the scene. I was set to not like her because her androidishness removed the “illusion” of humanity that the others have. (Plus I didn’t feel like going out and finding a whole bunch of the new Vocaloid’s songs to talk about.) But… Ryuu Ten ni Noboru – Despite […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 7: GUMI

Today, I have some GUMI songs lined up for you. (And she doesn’t get all the attention she deserves, IMO. I’ll put an end to that.) Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night – This is unquestionably my favorite GUMI song. FIRE!!! (Whoo!) Our 16bit Wars – Bask in its retro awesomeness. Love is a Battlefield […]

Papers Please

Who Took Ze Intel? And you thought the Man of Science was gone, didn’t you? This was made by Super Searcher. I just helped with the timing in a few places.

Vocaloid in Review – Day 6: Gakupo

It’s Eggplant Man! Gakupo, the first non-Crypton Japanese Vocaloid. The Light – I credit Allen Walker for translating this epic song, too. Monochrome Film – I rather like this song. Dancing Samurai – A classic silly Gakupo song. Hya! Paranoid Doll – The PV for this one is pretty good. Owata! – And this one […]

The 2009 CQFF Video Contest

Is now over. And I won. I was really worried when LAZ Trooper released his video, but mine beat his by just two points. But his was still a great video! But then, there were some who didn’t handle it well… Hitler Finds Out He Lost the CQFF Video Contest Poor guy. He just can’t […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 5: Meiko

Meiko! Certainly the most violent Vocaloid I know. But as you will see, she isn’t always causing trouble with a beer bottle in hand. XD Poem Weaved in Ruins – This is the companion song to Flowers Falling in Ruins, which Kaito sang for us yesterday. And actually, I like Meiko’s song better. Thousand Autumns, […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 4: Kaito

Good ol’ Kaito. The poor guy who gets picked on by everyone else. XD (But that’s why we love him so much!) Flowers Falling in Ruins – This song is beautiful. Period. Sakura Fubuki – Another rather nice song. Gekkou Total Eclipse – A rather recent Kaito song. A Thousand Year Solo – T_T Alice […]