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Best of WVR #125

4th MMD Cup – Double Lariat The fourth MMD Cup is on, which means there have been a few MMD videos in the ranking lately. I really liked this one, even though it’s a very old song, but this acoustic guitar rendition is new. On the other hand though, Miku could have at least spun […]

A Summer Day’s Dream

I’ve saved the best (or at least, the most important to me personally) for last. This week is the crown jewel of this season of Xbolt’s Anime Reviews. A Touhou anime. Granted, it’s not an official anime done by a professional studio, but honestly, who cares? The fans who put this together did a superberiffic […]

Hard Streets

World’s WORST movie chase scene…EVER!!! The title is misleading. For this is in fact the world’s GREATEST movie chase scene ever.

All Your Yeah Are Belong To Us

All Your Yeah Are Belong To Us I didn’t make anything particularly groundbreaking this time… *puts on shades* …just another meme. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Best of WVR #124

Kaito and Meiko – A Whole New World Well, what can I say? I was instantly reminded of my childhood when I heard this.


And don’t forget that exclamation mark. Toradora! is your standard anime about normal people, who do normal things. No metaphysics to see here! But I thought it was a fun anime. It’s a comedy show, but it has a story to it that can get dramatic at times too. Which is a good thing. Ryuji […]

Meet the Psychic

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Psychic! Aren’t glitches fun?

Best of WVR #123

Megurine Luka – DYE This song is just awesome in every way. Techno/Electronica For. The. Win. In other news, Kaai Yuki made it into the rankings this week. Last week, Yuki-chan snuck into the ranking on a Miku-Miki combo. But this week she has not one, but two solo songs on the charts! If DYE […]

Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden. A show that came highly recommended from the venerable Loremaster of the CQFF. He talked about Rozen Maiden even before I watched Sugar, but I never got around to watching it — until now. The Rozen Maidens are a collection of dolls created by the great dollmaker Rozen. And each one is actually […]

The Gameboy

Game This Gameboy survived a bomb blast. They don’t call it “The Brick” for nothing.