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The Most Bestest Touhous of All Tiem

Well, why not? I needed one more post in order to fill out the week, and since everyone’s curious, (not that they actually asked) I’ll talk about my favorite Touhou characters. (And post a video of them.) 100+ characters. That’s a heck of a lot for a single game series, is it not? So who […]

Best of WVR #169

Monotone Collector Win guitar is win. In other news, the Kagamines had their birthday this week! I expect lots of songs to show up in the next ranking, and there’d better be some Append in there too.

The Most Bestest Animes of All Tiem

I think I’ve seen enough animes by now to be able to make a list of favorites, yeah? (And another cool and/or funny video to go along with them, since a lot of my original ones have been removed from Youtube…)

The Most Bestest OPs of All Tiem

I wanted to list both my favorite animes as well as the OPs. Since the two do not necessarily overlap, I’m making two posts. In order to put the list of actual animes on Thursday, I’m putting my favorite OPs here today. Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy Eheheheh… The rest after the break.

The Most Bestest Videos of All Tiem

The last YTT post of the year will be devoted to my top 10 favorite videos on Youtube. (And yes, long-time readers (all… three (four?) of you) have seen some of them before. But hey, they’re cool, so so what? Besides, some are ones I haven’t linked to, and have been saving specifically for this […]

The Most Bestest Songs of All Tiem

Last year, I spent a week and a half talking about the best Vocaloid songs. This year, I’m going to talk about other stuff. Our topic for today is my favorite songs. Is this a comprehensive list? Knowing me, probably not. I’m sure there’s a few songs that I’m forgetting, but eh… These are all […]

Best of WVR #168

Cut Down the Christmas Tree! B-but Christmas is tomorrow! You’re not supposed to take down the tree yet! T_T

Winter is Here

Paradise ~ Deep Mountain (Fourtale Remix) Letty’s back in town, y’all. Merry Christmas.

Best of WVR #167

Invisible Cockpit I know of a certain someone who will be pleased with this week’s pick… ;)

VGA 2010 Trailers

The VGA awards are over, and we’ve got new trailers for games I want! Portal 2 – April 20, 2011 Originally, it was supposed to be out by now.  But you know Valve, they always delay everything. (It’s a good thing their games are so darn good, or else I’d be able to stay mad […]