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The Most Bestest Songs of All Tiem

Last year, I spent a week and a half talking about the best Vocaloid songs. This year, I’m going to talk about other stuff.

Our topic for today is my favorite songs. Is this a comprehensive list? Knowing me, probably not. I’m sure there’s a few songs that I’m forgetting, but eh… These are all great anyway.

GLaDOS – Still Alive

Are you at all surprised that this is on here? No? Good. The other nine after the break.

Nico Nico Chorus – Love is War

The original is epic, but this cover is MORE epic. Everything about this is perfect. The scream is still a tough contender for the Most Awesome Sound in the History of Sounds.

SimCity 4 – EpiCenter

Listening to this song just gives you a feeling of epic power and grandeur, doesn’t it?

WAVE – Innocent Wind

Hey, what did I tell you?

Jesper Kyd – MDK2 Track 3

Techno awesomeness at its greatest. Also gaming at its greatest.

Kishida Kyoudan – Hello,world

Kishida Kyoudan makes some really great music. I just love their sound. And this is my favorite of their songs. Even though I don’t know what it means, since there’s no English translation. I don’t think this is a Touhou-related song though, despite Maribel and Renko appearing in the picture.

Gumi – Coward Mont Blanc

My favorite Vocaloid’s best song. Even though I’m very grateful to its successor (Mozaik Role) for finally bringing Gumi to the #1 spot, I still like Coward Mont Blanc just a bit better.

Rednote Audio – Dwarves at Work

I love the entirety of The Hobbit game soundtrack, but Dwarves at Work is my favorite track. It’s just so goofy. (To this day, I will randomly start humming this song, out loud, for no reason.)

Robyn Miller – Un-finale

Myst and Riven remain two of the very few things that I liked the soundtrack enough to go out and buy it. These two games have some of the best music for any game ever. Un-finale always struck me the most from the two. I don’t know why, really…

TAMxKEIGO – Digitelf

Mere words simply will not do any sort of justice to this amazing piece. The way the violin compliments the techno music is just incredible. IN-CRED-I-BLE. With a capital IN-CRED-I-BLE. I’m indecisive, so it’s hard to say for sure, but it is quite possible that this is my favorite song. Ever.

TAM and KEIGO go extremely well together. They have a number of epic violin/techno songs, but this one is by far the best.

So let’s see… Five songs straight from a computer game, two remixes of songs from a game, two Vocaloids, and one other Japanese song. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to see what I like to listen to. (I doubt I could name 10 songs from a “regular” artist that’s popular with the kids these days.)

…Dang, listening to these makes me want to dig out my old discs and play these games again… Actually, I think I will. Let’s see how well they run on modern systems…

Anyway… Come back tomorrow for my favorite videos.

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