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The Beginnings are the End

After watching all these animes, I thought I would finish off the series with a few words concerning the openings, or the OPs. I won’t embed all of the videos in the post, since that would take up too much space. Linking will be good enough. Now let’s get started: Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy […]

Be Nice to Old Ladies

Old Lady and Air Bag Or they’ll do this to you.

Idea, ???, PROFIT!

Over lunch today, I was talking with some friends. And we stumbled across something that will eventually change the world: using ZIP compression on matter. Think about it, you can compress computer data in ZIP files, right? So, why not apply those same principles to matter? We just need to invent matter decompilers/recompilers, and we’ll […]

As Sweet As…

My series just wouldn’t be complete without a few words about the first anime I ever watched, and which still holds the place closest to my heart, now would it? As you may remember, I’ve talked about Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy before, but hey. Who says I can’t do so again? :D Like I […]

Televised Animation: East vs. West

When most people hear the word “animated cartoon,” images of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Wile E. Coyote come to mind. These cartoons were all created by American studios. Anime, however, is a distinctly Japanese style of cartoon that has become increasingly popular in the United States during the last decade. As a child, Disney’s […]

Cry Some More

CryEngine 3 – “Beauty, Speed, Interaction” trailer I looked into the future, and I saw… Beauty.

Whaleware 3.0

Instead of Flash this semester, I’m enrolled in a HTML Web Design class. And in keeping a promise I made a while back, I present y’all with… The Official Whaleware Website! XHTML-compliant, CSS styling, and all that jazz! *dreads having to fix up the X-Net website to be standards-compliant…*


Clannad is my second-favorite anime, ever since it pushed Death Note out of its spot. The word ‘Clannad’ is derived from ‘clan’, the Irish word for family. And that’s really what is at the heart of the anime; the building of families. Not just actual relatives, but a close circle of friends who are like […]

Shining Ray

Hatsune Miku – Shining Ray Not since Love is War have I come across a song as great as this. And that’s saying a lot. After all, I have nearly 12 hours of Vocaloid songs on my hard drive. Miku here sounds absolutely stunning. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was a real […]

Death Note

Alas, we’re reaching the end of this series. I’ve been saving the best for last, so here we go. Death Note is my third-favorite anime that I have watched so far. (It was my second favorite, before being usurped by next week’s anime.) It is clear that the creators know how to tell a good […]