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The Blue Marble

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth? And… I missed the video for this week too. And the WVR. I’ll get to that sometime. Maybe tomorrow? I dunno.

Best of WVR #207

1000 Cherry Trees And the other half of the forgotten WVRs. To me, the part starting at 8 seconds up to where the vocals start sounds like Flowering Night. (Sakuya’s theme) Doesn’t it? Mozaik Role came up from somewhere! And a few other older songs, too.

Best of WVR #206

Floor Sign I’ve been falling massively behind with the WVRs. I’m still not settled into the school groove, and my time is being spent elsewhere… But here’s the missing one from three weeks ago.

Energy Daybreak

TAM×KEIGO KANZAKI – エネルギー黎明 Touhou Violin Rock II is one of the best albums that exists. Serious.

The Safety Dance

Adam Jensen Does A Safety Dance! Better than the dermal armor aug for safety.


Michel Land – LeChuck’s Theme It bein’ Talk Like A Pirate Day, I was a-thinkin’ we’d listen to the most fearsome pirate theme ever!

Hi Gabe


The Third Kind

Jean – Close Encounter That’s an epic picture.

Best of WVR #205

Cyber Thunder Cider VY1 has herself her first #1 spot. Good job! To catch up from last week, I watched two WVRs back-to-back. Good stuff. …And where did Miku Miku ni Shiteageru come from?

Adam Jensen’s Reaction to Me Not Updating

I never asked for this Please don’t punch me in the face.