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Hwy Chipmuzik

x|k – hwy chipmusik We needed some more chiptunes all up in here.


F2P I like playing with the new people.


Jeremy Soule – Oblivion Theme Oblivion is a better game than Morrowind. There, I said it. U MAD?

I Just Want To Set The World On Fire

The Magic of Television Don Newman is a hero to Pyros everywhere.

Kappapa Kappapa

Sensitive Heart – 幻秋 I like Candid Friend.

Felix’s Workshop

Felix’s Workshop This is another one of those videos that magically fits into the same amount of space as a four-second mp3. Download the original for awesome.


椎名治美 – UNDERGROUND☆PETM@STER A jolly 3rd Eye arrange. Usually they sound like this.


Daybroke – Sabotage D:


Michael McCann – Iceland This guy makes cool music.