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Eye Never Asked for This

Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary We have 16 years to get all that cool stuff invented. Get going!


Michael McCann – Icarus Human Revolution was good.

Best of WVR #203

Yakusoku I didn’t particularly care for ANY of the top 30 this week, but I really liked the ED. So there you go.

Non-Euclidian Level Design

Non-Euclidean Level Design (Portal 2 Version) I massively approve of stuff like this. Relativity is one of my favorite art pieces. I played with something similar in Newmaps. Episode 2, level 4. The same exact concept used here, I used in E2M4. (Though, obviously, more crude.) Beware if you don’t have a firm grasp of […]

Flowering Night

Sound Online – フラワリングナイト The energy is infectious.

Best of WVR #202

Salvage Those are some instruments.

The Spring Snow Incident

The Spring Snow Incident And here’s the finished product! No voice acting, but there are subs. I guess these guys don’t have the magical source of money that Maikaze has. Hopefully, lots of people bought this at Comiket.


The Hamster Alliance – Nihilist This randomly popped into my head the other day. No idea why…

Best of WVR #201

Blue Blue Blue And I apologize for the black embedded player. YouTube went and changed everything without asking me first. I’m trying to find a way to put it back without having to modify the embed options for every single video.

Youkai Moe

Touhou MMD Violently Yuka Kazami! Um… You’re… Looking really great, Yuka! Yeah!