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The Pyro. Meet It.

Meet the Pyro So now we know what goes on behind the mask. A blog post? On a WEDNESDAY? The world has gone mad, I tell you!

I Think About Stuff

Rhett & Link – Thoughtful Guy I think about the color thing a lot. My wife insists that the cupboard interiors are green, when they’re clearly grey.


EastNewSound – 花は幻想の果てに I’m hot. You know what that means? It’s summertime now. Break out the sunflowers!

Spy Meets a Duck



Tugboat – Battlefield Another random grab out of my random music folder.

The Spy-Aware Sniper

The Spy-Aware Sniper Well… At least he spychecks!


7OOP3D – Triggernometry Exploring new frontiers in the world of music embedding on websites.

Whey-Hey and Up She Rises

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer I’ve been hearing about Dishonored for a little while now. I’d been seeing articles pop up now and then, but I never paid any attention. Then this trailer came along, and my stance went from “meh” to “I am interested. Tell me more.” It got instant points for Drunken Sailor. The setting […]


Sound Online – Airglow It’s my birthday. Happy birthday, me!