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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire – Official Trailer More Xbox-exclusive DLC. It’s weird. They’re acting like they don’t want the money that I want to give to them.

Queen of the Sea

Ottiki – Discovery 1492: Captain’s Entry to Multiple Worlds! Yesterday, this particular arrange was stuck in my head. I have no idea why; it’s not like I’ve listened to it recently.

Manjuu Aren’t Scary At All

EastNewSound – Rot in hell !! Kyu kyu kyu. This isn’t ENS’s best U.N. Owen remix. Although, that’s like saying Inception wasn’t Christopher Nolan’s best movie. tl;dr: FREAKING AWESOME

Border of Ireland

Floating Cloud – 幻想郷夜会 It makes me happy.

A Summer Day’s Dream – Episode 2

At long last. After four years, episode 2 has come upon us. It’s a little light on the plot-sauce, (especially given how long we waited for it,) but the jokes were fun, and made me chuckle. The art and animation is much improved as well. In addition to the cast of the first episode, we […]

Mann vs. Machine

Mann vs. Machine The update that has been speculated about for over two years is coming out tomorrow. Truly, we live in the future.

A Moon Has Struck Me

Alstroemeria Records – Moon Struck Now I’m seeing stars.

Carmack’s Keynote 2012

QuakeCon 2012 – John Carmack Keynote 3 1/2 hours. Holy cow. I think that’s a record. I always like watching Carmack’s talks. He’s not afraid to talk about the gritty technical details that normal people don’t understand. And someday, I’ll make it to QuakeCon.

Mars or Bust

Gustav Holst – The Planets – Mars, the Bringer of War Last night, the Curiosity rover landed on the Red Planet. Housing a host of scientific instruments, Curiosity promises to tell us much about Mars that we don’t know yet. Including data for a possible manned mission in the future. Which would be pretty much […]