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More Recursions

Whaleware has been mentioned on what looks like a German Haruhi fanblog. Whaleware is now officially an international phenomenon. Whoa. (A Google translation, so you can see (sorta) what they’re saying.)

Black★Rock Shooter Anime

In what is one of the most epic pieces of news in the history of news: Black★Rock Shooter is to receive its own anime. For those who don’t know, B★RS is an original character created by huke. Ryo, the guy who wrote Love is War, made a song based on the character, using Miku as […]

So the first day isn’t totally boring for you…

I’m going to do a shameless plug for the Chex Quest Fan Forums. Although, if you’re reading this on the first day, chances are that you already came from there. In that case, I just provided you with a handy link so that you don’t have to remember the URL. How kind of me.