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Gnomes, Now?

Gnome Chompski: The Game I knew he wasn’t gone forever.

Spring is Now Here

TMZ – 天空の花の都 (Volucite Mix) Lily White’s theme works very well as a trance track. If you remember, last year’s announcement of spring was trance, too. This year’s is even better, though. (Actually, no. The situation hasn’t really changed over last week. I haven’t seen any huge displays of danmaku in the sky, either. […]

Best of WVR #181

III & III SAKURA Crossfa… AVTechNO! is always good. Iori was at the reins again this week, but Sippotan will return for #182.

Worth the Weight

Gabe Jumps for Joy At first i was like :D but then i was like D:

Spring is Nowhere

Yuyuko’s Theme – Border of Life It’s been the coldest winter I’ve had in a while, with temperatures far below what they should be. I blame Yuyuko. Yuyuko is a really interesting character. To quote cjn1414118 from YouTube: (People who leave comments on YouTube that are actually fun and informative? What is this?) I find […]

Best of WVR #180

Lie In the wake of last week’s disaster, Sippotan, the person who normally does the WVR, is alright, but taking a break. So Iori took the reins this week, with Sippotan’s approval.

Beware the Ides of March

A Dramatic Reading of Julius Caesar It’s March 15th. So obviously, I need to post a rendition of Shakespear’s famous play.

Hang in there, Japan

Kimi de Ite, Buji de Ite Yoko Kanno wrote this to support the victims of Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.

Best of WVR #179

Himawari This is a song. About a weather satellite. And it’s AWESOME.

Mountain of Fail

Mountain of Fail Hey, at least he made it to the extra stage.