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I Used to Write Blog Posts Like You…

Ode to a Meme that Took an Arrow to the Knee I still like this meme.


Jeremy Soule – Morrowind Theme I’ve finally gotten the chance to introduce my wife to the Elder Scrolls series.


Detective Chase Makes a Gruesome Discovery! This is a thrilling murder mystery.

Haru Desu Yo~

Sensitive Heart – 天空の花の都 It’s a nice cloudy, rainy day out today. It’s been a while since the last rain.

SimCity Announce Trailer

SimCity Announce Trailer Did you see the cities from the trailer? They’ve got curved roads. Curved. Roads.

Concrete Jungle

Jerry Martin – Concrete Jungle You may have heard that they’re making SimCity 5. That’s right, after almost a decade, Maxis is coming back with another in their venerable series. Of course, we can’t let ourselves get too excit- too late. I’m grinning from ear to ear here. (And then it will turn out […]


KHAN! >A dead planet >Hydro >Dohohoho

Midnight March

Morrigan – Midnight March I don’t think I really have to say anything. The music said it all already.