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R.I.P. The “EVIL” Game

Earlier today, The Sliminator, CQFF President and newly-appointed moderator of the CQFF Forum Games section, saw fit to lock The “EVIL” Game, the most wildly popular thread in forum history. (And personally, my favorite forum game. Ever.) For those of you who are not from the CQFF, The Evil Game is a game started by […]

Some Kinda Ghostbusters

On time. Some Kinda Ghostbusters… This is a parody of Ghostbusters, made by my CQFF friend, Atariangamer. Kudos to him and his cousin for awesome vids!

Xbolt makes cartoons?

I enrolled in a Flash animation course in college, and I’ve started uploading my animations to my website. Clicky Here One, you all know. It’s just another Miku video, playing Ievan Polkka. The other, is a commission of sorts. It features a ball bouncing through the desert, set to Spanish Flea. Fun stuff, that.

Knights of the Round Table

Late again… Sigh… Star Trek Meets Monty Python It’s the cast from the original Star Trek doing Monty Python’s Camelot song. WIN.


Hey hey, look at that. Right on time. United States of Gentlemen A video about everyone’s favorite sneaky character – the Spy. It features the Spy singing a song, which is a parody of another song. Which is cool. “I SEE SPY!” “This will be the last time you see me.”

Megurine Luka

Maybe I should change this to YouTube Friday… Oh well, I try. Megurine Luka with Miku, Rin, Len You all know Hatsune Miku, right? I haven’t posted any of their songs yet, but there are two other Vocaloids, Rin and Len Kagamine, who are twins. And just last week, a new Vocaloid joined their group, […]