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R.I.P. The “EVIL” Game

Earlier today, The Sliminator, CQFF President and newly-appointed moderator of the CQFF Forum Games section, saw fit to lock The “EVIL” Game, the most wildly popular thread in forum history. (And personally, my favorite forum game. Ever.)

For those of you who are not from the CQFF, The Evil Game is a game started by Dvader, with the rule that if you click on the topic, you must post. You can post anything you want, but you must post. And it quickly became a forum sensation, being eight times the size of the next largest thread at the time of the lock.

That said, after the lock, a group of villagers with pitchforks (led by me) stormed up to the CQFF Government Office, and demanded an explanation.

After the initial talk of a revolution, the crowd settled down, and had an intelligent discussion, wherein the two sides exchanged their ideas for why we feel the way we do about The Evil Game. After an hour of debate, we reached an agreement. We will go Evil Game-less for one week, after which Sliminator would start a poll to see if all the members wanted the Game back. If enough vote Yea, then Sliminator would start a new Evil Game, with much stricter rules, and a post limit. After that limit is reached, it would be locked, and a new one started.

Personally, I am still against some of those terms. The mammoth size of the Evil Game was (to me) one of the most awesome things about it. I’m all for at least there being some more rules to it, mainly no huge strings of single-smiley posts, and super long posts with 10,000 images and neon orange 99pt text. However, I am strongly opposed to a post cap.

Atariangamer posted something that will go on the list of Great Quotes of the CQFF:

Lemme break it down this way…

I have a dream, that one day, on the orange hills of Bazoik, one day the brothers and sisters of the CQFF will sit with the moderators and administrators and join hands at the table of randomness. A place where you come if you want to, and leave if you want to. A place where rules do apply, but then again dont. A place where topics can change midpost and still be ok. I have a dream of a place where jargon is typical, lolcats are for the lulz, and moderation takes the backseat while the members drive the topic everywhere but to illegal and spasmoidic spamming manuvers. I dream that one day we will post “Free to post, free to post. Thank Chex we’re free to post.”

Something to that effect XD

—Atariangamer ~ February 24, 2009
CoMe HeRe WhEn YoU aRe BoReD

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