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Half-Life: Origins

Half-Life: Origins Rad.

Fall Is… Here?

Shibayan – 秋扇 It took me two months to realize I spaced on announcing autumn. Geeze. Well, fall is here now, if you were waiting for this post for it to start. Winter’s will be on time, I swear. Anyway… About the song. Shibayan is a hit-or-miss group for me. This one is a […]

DB5 – Dale-k Vs. Dale Vader

Desert Bus For Hope 5 – “Dale”ek vs. Dale Vader Dale rocks.

Minecraft: The Not Soundtrack

Minecraft was officially released on Friday. To commemorate the occasion, here’s a bunch of songs people wrote about Minecraft. Bobby Yarsulik – Minecraft: The Song I first heard this song around the same time as I started playing. It’s still good.

Best of WVR #215

Omoide Shavadava More on time than you.

Best of WVR #214

End of the Beginning I’d apologize for being late, but Skyrim. “Skyrim, SkyrimSkyrim Skyrim Skyrim SkyrimSkyrimSkyrim. Skyrim.”

Desert Bus V

DB4 – POWERBUS! That time of year has come again. It’s almost time for the intrepid crew of Loading Ready Run to, once again, press the left button. If you remember, I had fun last year. And I imagine it will be fun to watch again this year. BUG SPLATTING! AHH!

American 60

Gumi – American 60 This wasn’t in the WVR. :( And it was pointed out to me that this sounds like a Beatles type song. It totally does.

The World of Skyrim

The World of Skyrim Three days. Count ’em. Three.

The Imperial Guard Song

icarusfoundyou – The Imperial Guard Song Skyrim comes out in four days.