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Minecraft: The Not Soundtrack

Minecraft was officially released on Friday. To commemorate the occasion, here’s a bunch of songs people wrote about Minecraft.

Bobby Yarsulik – Minecraft: The Song

I first heard this song around the same time as I started playing. It’s still good.

ZhadoTom – I Hate Creepers

I hate creepers too.

TryHardNinja, Captain Sparklez – Revenge

After killing them all, he should have enough gunpowder to make TNT. Hey wait…

TryHardNinja, Captain Sparklez – TNT


Bobby Yarsulik – Creeper Face

Lady Gaga made a bad parody of this song.

Eric Fullerton – In Search of Diamonds

Or as we say in Atlantis, DIMMUNDZ!

Eric Fullerton – Minecraft Universe

I don’t get cool dreams like that.

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