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Touhou Kinema Kan ~2nd~

Remember the Touhou Kinema Kan I linked to a while back? Well, they made another one. This time, I’m going to talk about each part individually as opposed to a single sentence about the whole thing. OP1 Quality animation. The song is ok. OP2 … Holy cow. That was EPIC. I like Yuka, and… Well […]

Best of WVR #129

Kokuhaku Sensation I had a LOT of trouble picking the top song this week. There were three that I REALLY liked. Eventually, I decided on that one there. But since I still liked the others so much, here they are as an added bonus, free of charge: Guilty Verse – Kiyoteru sounds awesome here. The […]

Spring is Here!

The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky Why yes, Lily! Spring IS here! Yay!

Best of WVR #128

After All, the Happy Happy End After last week’s song, I wanted a happy song. I don’t know if this is a happy song or not, but it says Happy End in the title, so I’ll believe it. I could have gone with SOS from The Maid Star, but that has too much happy.

Gabe at the GDC

Gabe Newell at GDC 2010 This was news on Thursday. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, (or don’t read any gaming news at all) you know about this. But Imma post about it anyway. I was watching this live as it happened. The GDC awards were going on, and I was kinda half-listening while […]

Best of WVR #127

Cactus and Mirage T_T Just… T_T



Best of WVR #126

Watashi wa Himitsu-kichi This song was made by the same person as Whammy Anarchy, from WVR #118. I like this one even better than the other one, actually.

Eep oop OP

Well, we’ve come to the end of another round of anime reviews by me. As I did last time, I’ll finish with a few comments on all the OPs. Last Exile – I’ll say it up front. The Last Exile OP is one of my favorites of all time. “OF ALL TIME!” (Shut up Kanye.) […]

Miku vs Neru

akita vs miku Miku and Neru fight each other with lightsabers. Need I say that this is win? Bonus points if you recognize what fight this is based on. (And no fair peeking at the YouTube comments page.)