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This Is Aperture

Portal 2 – This Is Aperture Ok, that was REALLY good.

Not Square

C-CLAYS – Round Ground This has been repeating for the last week around here. Fortunately, the wife seems to like it.

The Chexbolt Wedding

Hi all! I’m Chekovrules, the new Mrs. Xbolt. And since I’m sure you’re all excited about the wedding, here’s a nice video for you. There, look at that! My first post and not a single word about squids! Oh, wait…

How to Kill a Mockingbird

How to Kill a Mockingbird And to help bring us back into the swing of things, here’s the most epic video of all time. Now, I’m sure you hear the word “epic” a lot, used for many different things. But THIS… THIS is the true definition of epic.

What’s Been Goin’ On Here

The Avett Brothers – January Wedding So, I basically disappeared from the Internet this month. Where have I been? Well, I got married. And I have had ZERO time for basically anything. But now we’re settled in to our new house, and hopefully I can start posting again. And my wife has an account […]