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A Massive Bunch of Dots

A massive bunch of dots at 1000 FPS’ Pretty…

Best of WVR #164

Plus Minus I was about to give the title to Iroha, but then a wild AVTechNO appeared with awesomeness!

Desert Bus

Desert Bus for Hope 4 – Make a Man Out of You (Mulan song) So the fourth Desert Bus for Hope is currently going on. This is the first year that I’ve really gotten into it, which is a shame, really. This is some quality stuff I’ve been missing. My favorite moments from this year […]

Best of WVR #163

Hakumei There were several contenders contending for this week’s top spot. VY1 won out with this epic song.

Jovial Bouts of Laughter

Professor Heavy That is a possibility.

Best of WVR #162

Blackjack Rock on, Luka. Rock on.

U.N. Addendum

PrototypeRaptor – Devil’s Advocate This was released for Halloween this year. Since I was preparing my U.N. Owen post weeks in advance, and then posted it the week before Halloween, I didn’t get to put this one on there. It deserves it, so I’m making this special addendum post. And what’s really amazing, this wasn’t […]

Best of WVR #161

For My Soul Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since the last Gumi song… For shame. In other news, it’s Meiko’s birthday! Go listen to some of her songs, or something. Don’t just stand there!


Minecraft Fanmade Trailer So after hearing great things from literally every corner of the Internet, I finally went out and bought Minecraft. As someone who grew up playing with Legos, it should be fairly obvious that I absolutely love this game. Oh, and if the blog here doesn’t update for a few weeks, don’t panic. […]