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The Physics Dance

UDK – The Physics Dance! Because things like this are just plain AWESOME.

Happy Birthday, GUMI!

Megpoid Gumi- Circus (Birthday Tribute) One year ago, this very day, GUMI was released to the world. In the days leading up to her release, I didn’t have very high expectations for her. Then she was released, and a number of excellent songs soon followed. And then we come to today, one year later, and […]

Best of WVR#142

Kago no Tori I was disappointed to see that there were no new GUMI songs this week. But that’s understandable, as the rankings are tallied earlier in the week. So any birthday songs will be in next week’s ranking. And I’m sure there will be lots of them… …Right?


Catnarok Embedding disabled by request This is the first, and only time I break my self-imposed rule of not posting any videos that contain coarse language. Nevertheless, I cannot possibly pass up this video. On June 23, a video called “THE GRIND” appeared on YouTube, and contained footage of a mysterious thing known as “Catageddon”. […]

Macross Frontier

WOOHOOO!! Singerrrrs…Innn….SPAAACE!!! The year is 2059. Mankind is out wandering the galaxy, looking for hospitable planets to colonize. In the beginning of the show, a reconnaissance unit sent to an unexplored asteroid belt is destroyed by a swarm of alien biomechanical insects, called the Vajra. The Vajra then start attacking the rest of the fleet. […]

Summer is Here

Sleeping Terror After six straight weeks of something to do with Valve, I thought I would post something different for a change. A cool Touhou remix for your listening pleasure. It’s summer. Which means it’s prime time for the Sunflower Youkai, Yuka Kazami. Who also happens to be my fourth-favorite Touhou character. (And hey. With […]

Best of WVR #141

Hayabusa the Falcon -Welcome Back Version- For those who don’t know, Hayabusa was a spacecraft launched in 2003 by the JAXA. (Hayabusa means Peregrine Falcon.) Its mission was to travel to the nearby asteroid Itokawa, and bring back some samples of material. This would be the first time that we got our hands on some […]

Serial Experiments Lain

Present day, heh… Present time! HAHAHAHAHAH- When I started watching Serial Experiments Lain, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I only barely glimpsed at the overview before starting. (I actually picked this one up because the name just sounds cool, and so is the cover art.) From the cover art, I thought this […]

Portal 2

Portal 2 Teaser Trailer Forget the YTT video I put up this morning. This is much more important. So yeah. Our first Portal 2 trailer! Looks spiffy, and GLaDOS is awesome as always. And the “surprise” is that Portal 2 is coming out on the PS3. Bah, some surprise. I really could not possibly care […]

United States of Hudda Hudda Huh

United States of Hudda Hudda Huh HUDDA HUDDA HUH!