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Macross Frontier

WOOHOOO!! Singerrrrs…Innn….SPAAACE!!!

The year is 2059. Mankind is out wandering the galaxy, looking for hospitable planets to colonize.

In the beginning of the show, a reconnaissance unit sent to an unexplored asteroid belt is destroyed by a swarm of alien biomechanical insects, called the Vajra. The Vajra then start attacking the rest of the fleet.

Alto Saotome is a high school student, studying to become a pilot. He is often mistaken for a girl because of his features and long hair. His friends gave him the nickname “Princess”, which he dislikes.

Ranka Lee is a cheerful and lively teenage girl. She works at a Chinese restaurant, Nyan-Nyan. She also has a love of singing, and dreamt of becoming a professional.

Sheryl Nome is a pop music star. Known as the “Galactic Fairy”, her songs constantly top music charts. She’s a very proud person because of that. She recognizes that Ranka has talent, and offers to help her behind the scenes to get started in a pro singer career.

Ozma Lee, Ranka’s older brother, and holds the rank of major. He is a skilled pilot. He is also rather overprotective of Ranka.

In Alto’s school, we have: Mikhail Blanc, a friend and rival of Alto, and the guy responsible for the “Princess” nickname, Luca Angelloni, a junior classmate, and a genius with computers and electronics, and Nanase Matsuura, a friend of Ranka’s, who is a skilled artist.

But despite not being a major character, Clan Clang is my favorite character in Macross. She is a Zentradi, a race of giant humanoids. Due to a genetic anomaly, in the micronization process, which brings her down to standard human size, she becomes physically a juvenile. She can have a quick temper, but can also be insightful. And her eyebrows are shaped like lightning bolts. Who can go wrong with that, eh?

Ranka Lee – Aimo

Ranka’s seiyuu, Megumi Nakajima, also provided the voice samples for GUMI, who is, as you may know, my favorite Vocaloid. And totally coincidental, GUMI’s first birthday is tomorrow. I hope people do lots of great birthday songs.

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