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Rampaging Flandre

Rampaging Flandre This is the 495th post on the blog here. Yeah, I celebrate weird numbers. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT, PUNK?

Lot Lovaas Zoor

Adrian von Ziegler – Legend This is great music.

Coming to Alderaan

Coming to Alderaan A-ha!


Jeremy Soule – Skyrim Theme The best Elder Scrolls has the best theme. They’re making an Elder Scrolls MMO or somesuch. That probably won’t be the best Elder Scrolls. Or the best theme. Probably.

Doublecross in a Nutshell

CTF_Doublecross in a Nutshell More proof that the Sticky Jumper is a viable weapon.

Sail Away

Enya – Orinoco Flow I was looking through my random music folder, looking for something good to put for this week. And I found this.

She Asked for This

Mister Jensen needs a new mirror I probably laughed more than I should have.


IOSYS – Desire Why are the parodies always better than the real thing?

Cave Johnson Here

Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Ah, it’s been so long since we last heard a trailer with Cave Johnson in it. He’s still cool. I can’t wait to manipulate the Multiverse for myself.