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Mahogany Door Keyhole?

Tommy Tallarico – An Upscale Affair I place the MDK series on the highest pedestal of gaming, alongside Deus Ex and Half-Life. MDK also has the distinction of being the only game I have gone out and bought twice. I bought it on a CD years ago, but when I tried reinstalling it recently, it […]

Best of WVR #173

Ruin That Waits for Night In other news, Vocalonexus topped last week’s Oricon album sales chart! It sold over 31,000 copies. That’s 8000 more than Vocalogenesis sold last year.

Did Thurston Died?

whalewareXplod.wmv About a month ago, we struck off adventuring in a faroff land. And we did the only natural thing to do. Make a giant Thurston out of TNT and detonate it. And hey, look at that. I still have my old Okuu skin there.

Meiji 17

Mohican Sandbag – 明治十七年のELECTRO I demand that there be more arranges like this. I just discovered Mohican Sandbag a little while ago, and I already love them.

Best of WVR #172

Do You Koto Nano!? It’s scary how good people can be at MMD. This video is epic. In other news… Er… I’ll get back to you on that.

Minecraft is Still Alive

Minecraft Note Blocks – Portal Still Alive I do great feats of structural engineering, not electrical engineering. All I can do with redstone is open a door.


oneohtrix point never – returnal “We Make Tomorrow Look Like Yesterday” I’m a sucker for retro-future stuff. And techno/trance. This song in particular is really good in both respects. The image is purported to be a piece of concept art from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I have no evidence to the contrary, so I’ll […]

Best of WVR #171

Hoshi no Uta Space dinosaurs are the best kind. This is also the official start of the 2011 season of the WVR. It’s been changed to a widescreen format now. Naho’s been updated a little, too.

Manabi Straight!

Forward, GO! The year is 2035. A declining birth rate has forced the closure of many schools, simply because there are not enough students. Seioh High School remains open, but morale is low. Manami “Manabi” Amamiya is an energetic, cheerful girl who tries to do her best at everything. On the day she transferred to […]

Christmas Party Shenanigans

Pranking Uncle Allen with Silly String I participated in this event. It was rather fun. And messy. I wonder if he’ll be wary of presents in the future…