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Hail Mima-sama!

Cytokine – Reincarnation This is a remix of Mima’s theme from Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. Mima is one of the many unfortunate characters who simply dropped off the face of the earth at the end of the PC-98 era. I would say there’s no hope of her return, but Alice and Yuka have […]

Best of WVR #170

DYE2 After a brief disappearance, AVTechNO! is back in action, bringing a sequel to the song he released last February. Unlike most sequels, it’s EVEN BETTER. In other news, it has been a whole year since I started this thing. So now when the “This Week In History” segment of the WVR comes on, I […]

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Just a quick note, there probably won’t be many reviews this time around. I haven’t been feeling motivated enough to watch a whole lot of shows… That said, anime ho! To kick off this season, we have a movie I’ve been waiting for over a year to see. Disappearance was announced at the conclusion of […]

Touhou Soccer

Normal people do fireworks on New Years. I watch Touhou Soccer. The ball is my hero.

Happy New Year!

sisimai-brothers – A Pinch of Poetry Hi, and welcome to the first second post of 2011! If you’d been paying attention last week, you’d’ve noticed that I added a new category for Monday’s “Bestest Songs” post. Every Monday, I’m going to post some music that I happen to be listening to. (A challenge! Let’s see […]

The Most Bestest Vocaloids of 2010

Surprise! After five year-end ‘best of’ posts that were year-end only by the fact that I posted them the last week in December, let’s do a REAL best of 2010 post! What did the Vocaloids do this year that was really cool? Click “read more” and find out!