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Touhou Soccer

Normal people do fireworks on New Years. I watch Touhou Soccer.

The ball is my hero.

Mokou’s Fujiyama Volcano

That’s significantly more than 88 mph.

Wriggle’s Wriggle Kick


Rumia’s and Mystia’s Twilight Flight

Iz dat so~?

Eirin’s Space Explosion Apollo 13

At least we now know what caused the explosion.

Reimu’s Fantasy Heaven

Hax Sign “Burn Everything”

Flandre’s 16 Clawed Flame Wall

Ten thousand hits. IN ONE SECOND.

Komachi’s Higan Retour

Komachi’s attack is scary.

Shikieiki (Xanadu)’s Last Judgement


Remilia and Flandre’s Transylvania

Can YOUR vampires do THAT?

Mima’s Twilight Spark

I saved the best for last. Twilight Spark is, beyond any doubt, the coolest attack ever. EVER.


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