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Tales of the Questor

Surprise! Another new column today, where I go around writing reviews of the webcomics I read. (Or if the opportunity arises, make fun of them. XD ) What will this new column be called? Well, isn’t it obvious? Webcomix with the X. :D (Go on, tell me that’s not a cool name. I dare you.) […]

Grocery Store Encounter Mechanics

Is this a sign that I really need to get a life? I just spent 40 minutes typing a 500-word essay over at the CQFF, about all the possible outcomes and paradoxes that could occur in the event that “you could see every instance of you in a certain place, past and present, such as […]

Timor in Obscurum

For my first order of business, I’m starting a new weekly column, wherein I talk about videos I like on YouTube. That gives me a nearly infinite source of stuff to blabber about. And since today is Tuesday, the feature shall be called ‘YouTube Tuesday’. And so I’m going to kick off the series with […]

So the first day isn’t totally boring for you…

I’m going to do a shameless plug for the Chex Quest Fan Forums. Although, if you’re reading this on the first day, chances are that you already came from there. In that case, I just provided you with a handy link so that you don’t have to remember the URL. How kind of me.

Wurst Post

This is an official test of Xbolt’s new blog. If you can read this, good for you. Basically, this blog is just going to be me talking about random stuff. (Or making fun of it, either way.) If there are long gaps of time inbetween posts, it is totally not the result of me being […]