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A day late again. I blame college. But now down to business. Re: OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Remix) If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, I’ll bet that you’ve heard OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!!! at least once. Or 9001 times, in which case, you’re probably hating me right now. This is Sparta! ~Another Techno REMIX~ If […]

Where have all the comics gone…

“Dude, where’s my comics?” Huh. Not only am I horribly late, I seem to have run out of suitable comics for my column here. Fancy that. Oh well, I imagine it was bound to happen sooner or later… So… In lieu of more comics, I’ll post a single strip that may contain some wisdom… Heh.

Epic Anime!

Musical Epic-Anime Mix Here we go, an AMV that uses a whole bunch of different anime. I don’t even recognize half of them. The song is really great. It has a habit of getting stuck in my head. (And I mean that in a good way.)

Quentyn Quinn – Space Ranger!

The last comic from RH Junior. FINALLY. Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger is about a descendant of the other Quentyn Quinn, Questor of Freeman Downs. The Racconans have ventured out into space, and Quentyn is a Space Ranger. Space Rangers are: Brave warriors, explorers, frontier lawmen who push the boundaries of civilization and justice out across […]

Still Alive – Hatsune Miku

Still Alive – Hatsune Miku Ver If you know me at all, then you know I’m a big fan of the game Portal. Including the awesome credits song that everyone who’s anyone on the Internet should have heard at least once. You may also remember, that in my post on Ievan Polkka, that I am […]

Fellowship of Heroes

Another RHJunior comic. Surprise surprise. Fellowship of Heroes is about a guy who suddenly gains superpowers. In a world where the superheroes of old have gone away, and their replacements… Kinda are morons. The old heroes were all about truth, justice, and virtue, and the newbies are liars, cowards, frauds, and hypocrites. So feeling depressed […]

A Bit Hyper, No?

Kingdom Hearts 2: A bit hyber, no? It’s Kingdom Hearts, and that classic song… The Hamster Dance. You either love it or hate it. (I love it.) What makes this video really special though, is that it was made some time ago by KoolGool, one of the members of the CQFF. (He hasn’t been seen […]