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Team Fortress 2 Now available on OS X lolno. Not really. But you’d think it was, reading the TF2 forums… Anyway, so TF2 is now on the Mac. And this video contains lots of cool little hints. (maybe?) See if you can find them. And no, the shotgun is too obvious. You get no points […]

Best of WVR #140

Light and Key Pretty good week this week. There were a lot of new songs that I liked. WEDH dropped to #2. It was replaced by a new CosMo song. But as opposed to the last one, this one is actually pretty interesting. So that’s ok.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Recall how I said that FMP! was funny because Sousuke was so totally socially inept, and found a terrorist threat in everything? Fumoffu turns that up to 11. Whether it’s blowing up a suspicious love letter in a shoe locker, booby trapping boxes of bread rolls, or stopping trouble in a bear suit, Sousuke always […]

How to Stop a Gaben

Stop a Gaben Wow… I missed putting a video up yesterday. Guess I’m getting lazy while I’m off for the summer… So since I’m late, I had to post something to do with Valve, who just announced that Portal 2 will be delayed until 2011. :(

Happy Birthday to Me

As of this minute, I am 20 years old. … Wow. … I’m officially no longer a teenager. … I DON’T WANNA BE OLD! D:

Best of WVR #139

Heart Disk Drive The story of my life. T_T World’s End Dancehall continues to dominate the Internets. It was #1 again this week. I call hax.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

If you could travel through time, what would you do? That is the question facing Makoto Kanno, a high school girl who is granted the ability to travel through time. Of course she doesn’t use it for malicious purposes, just little things like avoiding embarrassing situations, hanging out with friends longer, and things of that […]

Push it to the Limit

Half-Life 2 – Push It To The limit Beware of story spoilers if you haven’t played the game yet. I played HL2 again after the engine update last week. Shinier pixels, woot! Though I do hope they fix all the new bugs they added in the update. Some are actually game-breaking. But I eventually got […]