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Touhou Kinema Kan ~2nd~

Remember the Touhou Kinema Kan I linked to a while back? Well, they made another one. This time, I’m going to talk about each part individually as opposed to a single sentence about the whole thing.


Quality animation. The song is ok.


… Holy cow. That was EPIC. I like Yuka, and… Well that was just awesome. And the song? Besides being epic, it was sung by Ichigo, who did one of the Vocaloid covers I talked about. Also, LOL at the appearance of Wriggle at 1:13.

Touhou Cheering Squad

This is just plain fun. But that’s to be expected with a title like “Cheering Squad”, no?
My favorite moments were Nitori’s new toy, the appearances of the Komeiji sisters, and Suika. And the song is very nice, too. I’ve had it on repeat for the last few days.


I like it, but the ED for the first one was much better. XD

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