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The Most Bestest Animes of All Tiem

I think I’ve seen enough animes by now to be able to make a list of favorites, yeah? (And another cool and/or funny video to go along with them, since a lot of my original ones have been removed from Youtube…)

The Bounty Hunters Who Don’t Do Anything

(Dailymotion, since the video is not on YouTube and it’s too awesome to pass up)

Cowboy Bebop is just a solid science fiction show. And just plain cool in almost every respect.

Toradora – Funny train station scene

Toradora! is a good example in the slice-of-life genre. Normal people doing normal things. With good amounts of fun and drama to keep things interesting.

Cromartie Can Can

Cromartie High School has the lulz. Nut just plain old lulz. Epic lulz.

Fee’s Withdrawal

Planetes put the “science” in “science fiction”. I still say it’s really cool for being so true to real science. (And the story’s good too, which helps.)


Last Exile is a shining example of the steampunk genre. And despite my misgivings about the ending, it very richly deserves a place on this page.

Storm of Valkyria

Valkyria Chronicles is somewhat similar, in some respects, to Last Exile. Despite it not really being steampunk. Dieselpunk, perhaps? Kinda sorta? To a much less extent than Last Exile, though.

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

Bakemonogatari is something different. The style/direction is a lot different from other things I’ve seen. And… I really like it. It’s also one of the few animes that I feel didn’t betray me at the ending…

L Discusses Cake

Death Note is an all-around great anime. A suspenseful, intelligent tale about the meaning of morality and justice. You’ll hate the main character’s guts, but that’s all part of the plan.


Clannad is a masterpiece. Pure and simple. Everything about this anime is absolute perfection. The story is amazing, having just the right proportions of comedy to drama. The characters are realistic people that you can’t help falling in love with. The art, music, and everything else is stellar, and it all comes together in a way that makes you just sit back and go: “Wow…”

And “MC Akio” up there is the coolest dad to ever appear in anime all of fiction.

Memory of Mother

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is still my favorite anime. I just haven’t come across another series with the same charm as Sugar. (Clannad came close, though. Very, very close.) Waffo!

And… That’s about it. I just want to say that I had a much harder time picking these than I thought I would. I had just finished putting eight in, and I suddenly realized that I had five animes left competing for the last two places. And I’m still not sure I’m 100% satisfied. Even after sitting there for a long time, thinking: “Ah, um, er…”

The things I go through to bring you people stuff to read every week…

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