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Best of WVR #122

Kusogee Jikkyou Play Vocaloid RPG FTW! If only this was a real game, eh? (And Hello Planet too.) This week also marks a tremendous milestone for me. My entire cache of Vocaloid songs on my hard drive is now longer than 24 hours. It is now not even in the realm of possibility to listen […]

Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood is horror movie. Normally, I don’t watch horror movies, but I watched this one because I read one of the light novel adaptions several months ago. My Dad got it out of the school library for some reason unknown to me, and then I read it after him. And I liked it well enough […]

Bad Apple on the Cirno News Network

Bad Apple on CNN (Cirno News Network) Y’all remember Bad Apple, right? Well, it got so popular, even CNN picked it up. And of course, being the Cirno News Network, ⑨ journalists are ⑨. I laughed so hard at them. Methinks that lady might never “get it”. Aya is a much better reporter, you know. […]