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Vocaloid in Review – Day 8: Miki

Miki, one of the three newcomers to the scene. I was set to not like her because her androidishness removed the “illusion” of humanity that the others have. (Plus I didn’t feel like going out and finding a whole bunch of the new Vocaloid’s songs to talk about.) But…

Ryuu Ten ni Noboru – Despite my initial prejudice, (and laziness) this song forced me to like Miki. It’s EPIC. And so I had to rush out and find lots more songs for her, as well as the two other newbies. Thanks a lot, Bumpy.

Good Morning, Muse – It’s got a good beat.

Good Night – No. This and the previous song titles are just a coincidence.

Memories – This is really good.

Electro Sylph – This and the previous song were made by the same guy. But that’s ok.

And since it is Tuesday, you get a bonus song with a PV:

Hakkoutai no Rudy

Late for Christmas, but who cares.

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