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Merry Christmas!

As a matter of fact, ALL the Vocaloids have something to say: White Christmas This is the first time I’ve seen ALL the Japanese Vocaloids together in one song. That’s all I have to say. Everyone have a very merry Christmas, and I hope Santa gave you lots of good stuff. ;)

Vocaloid in Review – Day 3: Luka

Luka has the distinction of being the first Vocaloid released after I became a fan. I covered her release on the blog here last January, and now almost a year has passed. So what were her best songs from her debut year? Wounded Boy x Wounded Girl – This is my favorite Luka song. It’s […]

Last Exile

Well, well, well! Are y’all excited about Christmas tomorrow? It’s winter now. And with winter, comes winter break. And with winter break, comes more time for me to watch anime! So a new season of Xbolt’s Anime Reviews starts today, and continuing every Thursday until I run out of animes. But you know the drill […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 2: Rin & Len

Ah, the twins. Where would we be without them? Rin and Len are much fun. Kokoro – It’s impossible to compose a ‘best of’ list on the Kagamines without Kokoro. Gekokujou – Green is the enemy! This is one of the first Kagamine songs I listened to. (And I usually have the urge to listen […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 1: Miku

Believe it or not, there are only 10 days left in this decade. And so, I figured I’d finish off the 2000’s with my favorite Vocaloid songs from this past decade. (A category which, coincidentally, contains every Vocaloid song ever composed. ;) ) Let’s start with Miku. (Aside from Love is War and Shining Ray, […]

Are You Happy?

Touhou Kinema Kan ED It makes me happy. This is the ED from a Touhou fanimation. And it’s not even half bad.

Whoo Whoo!

Blur feat. Bubb Rubb – Song Whoo Bubb Rubb FTW!

Yakumo Chen

Yakumo Chen (subtitled) Nya? CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! ⑨⑨⑨ Touhou is quickly becoming the “thing” among the anime underground at the CQFF. In 2008, it was Desu. 2009, Vocaloid. And it looks like for 2010, we’re going to be annoying everyone else with Touhou stuff. XD