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Vocaloid in Review – Day 2: Rin & Len

Ah, the twins. Where would we be without them? Rin and Len are much fun.

Kokoro – It’s impossible to compose a ‘best of’ list on the Kagamines without Kokoro.

Gekokujou – Green is the enemy! This is one of the first Kagamine songs I listened to. (And I usually have the urge to listen to Miku’s cover of Still Alive right after listening to this. I wonder why?)

Hot Cocoa – Bah, homework. I know exactly how Len feels.

Nenoto – The first time I heard this, I thought that this would fit perfectly with a mod for the original Heretic. And I still think that. Someone get on it!

Road Roller – THE classic Kagamine song. And this PV is ludicrously hilarious. (If you’ve heard the Daughter of Evil series. (Ha, I put a sixth song in again. I R SNEEKY.))

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